How to Use Essential Oils to Enhance Focus and Concentration


Essential oils can enhance focus and concentration. There is research to back this up. In this blog post, I will share with you how this works and which oils are best for focus and concentration.

Do You or Your Child Need Help with Focus and Concentration?

It’s Almost Back to School Time

This is generally the time of year when educators, parents and kids themselves notice that their focus and concentration are not optimal.  There are various reasons why this could be happening.  Your child could have a diagnosis of ADD, ADHD or another one of the "D" disorders, but it might be as simple as too much stimuli. 

What Stimuli Could be Interfering with Focus and Concentration?

Today's kids struggle to shut out the noise.  Computers, phones, TV, I-pads and other electronics are all vying for their attention and their brains are not wired for all of that input.  As an adult, my husband and I often say, "turn it down, that's too much sensory for us".  You see, I have a 21 year old who was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder at 1 year of age as he would not eat table food and was also labeled "failure to thrive".  He was later diagnosed with ADHD, so we are very aware of the struggles of a family with a special needs child.  Anyway, back to our wiring.  In order to focus, our brains require adequate neural connections in the brain to process all of the incoming sensory input (sights, sounds, smells, etc.) When our brains are unable to process this stimuli, then frustration, anger and tiredness can occur. 

What Does Neural Connections Have to do with Focus?

We have neurons in the brain that actually link with other neurons and make connections. Our brain can do all sorts of things. Messages actually go from one part of the brain to the other via these connections and if they aren’t connecting well, then focus and concentration problems can occur.

There are many things that can affect neural connections.  I struggle when there is too much stimuli coming in at once.  I can get very overwhelmed and feel like everyone is talking to me at once.  I've never officially been diagnosed with ADHD, but as a teenager I developed OCD and struggled with that for over 10 years.  I have chosen to use essential oils to help me focus naturally. 

How to Use Essential Oils to Help Focus and Concentrate Better

Diffusing essential oils is one way to stimulate my neural connections.  When I inhale an essential oil, the olfactory bulb (which is located in the brain) transmits the scent and it's chemical constituents into the brain stimulating the nerves to make those neural connection.  Here's a picture of our olfactory system. 

Olfactory System

Olfactory System

Another way is just to place a couple of drops into my hands, make a little tent with my hands and inhale.  Teachers have noticed that diffusing essential oils in their classroom has helped their kids to calm down and focus.  Some of the ones I use are:  doTerra In Tune Focus Blend, Balance, Serenity, Vetiver, Cedarwood, Ylang, Ylang, Bergamot and Roman Chamomile.  There are also several pulse and reflexology points to place essential oils to improve focus.  The Occipital Triangle at the base of the neck, and pulse points on the front of the neck are two spots to place them.  I also suggest the bottom of the big toe as another spot.  One could also rub up and down the spine.  Whichever route you take, I know you will love the results of essential oils. 

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About the author:  Mary is a wife of 22 years and mom to three children, one who has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder.  She is also a Certified Health Coach and loves to serve her clients through a Free Facebook group, Online and In-Person Individual Family Coaching and Group Coaching programs.  She is also a self published author of "Food & The Brain" a book about how food affects our brains and the creator of "Grocery Store to Table" a program with a proven approach to helping your child accept new foods into their diets.