Back to School Success

Well, here it is, middle of August and it's back to school time.  As a mom of a son who has Sensory Processing Disorder and ADHD, this was always an extremely hard time.  So many questions.  What will he eat for breakfast that will give him the nutrition he needed to make it through to lunch without crashing?  What will I pack for lunch and will he eat it so he stays grounded until pick up?  Will he be able to focus?  Will the teacher be able to handle him? What about homework and the list goes on and on.  It can be very overwhelming, so here's a few tips I learned along the way:

  1. Make A List - list all of the things that you need to do before the meet and greet with your child's teacher and then plan which day you are going to tackle them.  For example, one day you might google different recipes that you think your child would like and save them to try.  The same goes for lunch ideas.  Another day, think about what helped your child the most last year and stock up on those items, i.e. my son LOVED Chewy Tubes and it couldn't be just any chewy tube, it had to be the yellow ones :)
  2. Revisit their IEP - Now's the time to pull out last year's IEP and revise it so that before your meeting with your child's teacher, you are all set.  Go into your meeting well armed and ready to advocate for your child.  After all, you are all they have.
  3. What about after school activities?  Does your other children play sports and do you have to arrange a carpool while you take you child to therapy?  Is the current load of therapy doable in the new school year?  Do you see the benefit of the therapy he/she is receiving.  There came a time when I had to make a decision and we had to take a break from therapy.  It was so chaotic and that never helps a situation.
  4. Have a talk with your child - Sit down or find a quiet time to chat about the changes that are going to happen.  Many special kids really struggle with change.  My son did and it always helped if I could let him know in advance what would be happening.  It gives them a sense of control that many times they just don't have in other areas of their life.

Lastly, enjoy the last part of summer.  Do what needs to be done and always remember that tomorrow is another day :)