New Years' Resolutions - To Make or Not to Make?

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Well, it’s January 3rd and a lot of people are making New Year’s Resolutions.  Are you one of them?  Statistics say that only 8% of people who make New Years’ resolutions will keep them?  Why, well we are creatures of habit and without a plan we will go back to what is natural to us.  Also, we set too high of expectations for ourselves and then when we struggle to attain them, we give up completely.

Well, there is a better way.  Here's 3 tips to staying on track this upcoming year.

1. Start with setting small goals, say 30 day goals and then break that down to small incremental changes.  Instead of saying you are going to completely change your child's diet and remove all sugar, say I am going to switch to a healthier version, say stevia.  Instead of saying you are going to have your child get 60 minutes of exercise every day, start with 3 or 4 times a week.  Set a reminder on your phone. Put up sticky notes around your house.  It's great for kids too.  How about a sticky note on the fridge saying, pick a fruit to eat or by the water dispenser that says drink more water?  

2. Check in every week with yourself.  Rate how you and the kids are doing.  See how you're doing and make changes as needed.

3. Celebrate your wins and when things don't go according to what you want, give yourself grace and start again.

I LOVE helping families with their health goals and would love to work with you.  Please reach out or comment below so I can get to know you :)

Until next time,