Stuck in a Food Jag with your Child?

Grocery Shopping with Kids.png

We’ve all been there.  It’s Sunday night and you are starting to make the dreaded school lunches for your children.  You ask your child what they want for lunch and they respond with,”I don’t know”.  You ask again, “how about _________?”  They respond, No, I don’t like that.  It sometimes can be a never ending cycle and all you want is for your child to willingly eat a different fruit other than a clementine or a different veggie instead of baby carrots.

Well, I totally understand where you are all coming from.  You see my 20 year old son had a very limited diet when he was little and we worked tirelessly to expose him to different foods with the hope that he would accept them into his food repertoire.  Some he accepted and some he didn't, but the main point is that he gave it the good old college try.  Did you know that it can take up to 10 times for a child to be exposed to a new food before he or she accepts it even being near them.  So take heart.  There is hope and we are going to dive into that next week.  I'm having a 3 day challenge where I walk step by step with you and show you the top 3 tools that I used to introduce new foods into my son's diet.  

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