Nourishment for Your Marriage

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Marriage is hard.  Let’s face it when we put two people together know matter how much they care for each other, there is going to be conflict and  there will always be need for nourishment. We are all self centered to a point and even though that’s a hard pill to swallow, we must.  Add into that a special needs child and it can be doubly hard. So, let’s talk about nourishing our marriage. I know, you’re probably thinking, I don’t have the time or energy to do that, but there are small, daily things you can do to achieve this.  So, let’s go:

  1. Talk, Talk, Talk - and I’ll say it again TALK.  It’s so easy to shut down and get bogged down with everyday struggles that we forget to talk and then next thing we know, we don’t even know who that other person it.  Mike and I used to strap Matthew into his stroller and walk around our neighborhood so we could catch up. Matthew as calm and we got a chance to talk and share.

  2. Remember what your relationship was before you had a child.  Mike and I would spend either Friday night or Saturday night doing something fun after Matthew went to bed.  We would blow up an air mattress and turn on a movie and many nights, just sleep in the living room and relax.

  3. Work as a team - It’s hard enough having a child, but add into that therapies, doctor appointments, feedings, therapy at home along with daily household chores and that’s enough to exhaust anyone.  Mike and I broke things up. He would do the dishes, so I could do therapy with Matthew, or I would go grocery shopping alone and he would stay home with Matthew. Teamwork !!!

  4. Be a good listener. Whether you are the main bread winner or the caretaker of the children, you both have good stories to share about your day.  Positive or negative things need to be shared so that you both can understand how the other person is feeling.

  5. Reach out when things are getting too tough.  You will know when you need help and don’t ignore those feelings.  A simple day out with a friend can relieve so much stress and reignite the energy.  If that’s not enough, then maybe it’s time to seek professional care. There’s no shame in that.  I did it and it helped me be a better wife and mom.

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