How to Add Simple Daily Habits to Become a Healthier You


Do you want to become healthier, but you don’t think you have the time?

Simple, daily habits add up to a healthier YOU. In this blog post, I will share how easy that can be.

Set a Goal

Research has proven that when we want to make changes, it’s super important that we set a goal. It can be a goal as simple as, “ I want to start exercising”. Next, tell someone. Research has also proven that when we tell someone about our goal, we are subconsciously going to work harder at meeting that goal.

Incorporate Simple Steps to Meet that Goal

If we try to change everything to meet that goal, guess what’s going to happen. Nada, nothing, zilch. That’s right. We will be putting too much pressure on ourselves and then we will give up, so don’t do that to yourself.

Track Your Progress

That’s right. Write it down. The good and the not so good. On days you complete the simple tasks, treat yourself to something that makes you happy, like 15 minutes reading a book, 15 minutes doing your nails, etc. On the days, that you don’t complete your tasks, don’t be too hard on yourself.

Be Kind to Yourself

If your goal is to become a healthier you, then we all need to practice self compassion. I’m talking to the choir here too. lol., but seriously, just being kinder to yourself can bring you great health benefits such as calming & slowing your heart rate, switching off that fight or flight mode and improving your immune health.

Want More Help?

If you want some more help with this then you need to download a new FREEBIE that’s only available for a limited time. Practical and doable steps. It’s called Five to Flourish and here’s how it works: you pick a health goal you want to work on. Each goal has five simple daily habits and if you complete those habits every day, you’ll be well on your way to making that important health goal a part of your life!

When you register for the Five to Flourish Health Habit Trackers, you’ll get recommendations from healthy living experts and printable habit trackers to help you:

  • have a balanced and productive day

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  • improve your digestive health

  • fuel your fitness goals

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  • encourage healthy, lifelong habits for your kids

  • enjoy deeper, more restorative sleep

  • Plus, you’ll also get some blank habit trackers so you can customize them for exactly what you need!

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About the author: Mary is a wife of 22 years and mom to three children, one who has ADHD and Sensory Processing Disorder. She is also a Certified Health Coach and loves to serve her clients through a Free Facebook group, Online and In-Person Individual Family Coaching and Group Coaching programs. She is also a self published author of "Food & The Brain" a book about how food affects our brains and the creator of "Grocery Store to Table" a program with a proven approach to helping your child accept new foods into their diets.