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5 Ways To Help Your Child with ADHD Be Calmer & More Focused

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 Helping moms help their kids with the challenges of ADHD.


Hey, I’m Mary!

I’m a Mom to a child with ADHD, SPD, and ODD. I had OCD as a teenager and I know how hard it is to manage these disorders. I will come alongside you to guide you as you make the changes necessary to see your child not just survive, but THRIVE. You have tons of questions and there are so many conflicting answers out there. As a Certified Health Coach, I have the training to know which are the best foods to help your child and which ones are best to avoid. I’ve also walked the road of hyperactivity, sensory challenges, bedtime objections and helping your other children know how to respond. I can’t wait to connect with you and walk with you as you navigate life as a mom to a child with ADHD and all the things that go along with that.

You’re Ready To Make Changes

You’re ready to make the necessary changes for lasting results.  You’re ready to learn how to manage conflicts, overcome sensory challenges, navigate feeding issues, communicate with family members, cope with the meltdowns.

How would it feel to have a daily strategy to follow, a step by step guide?

Wonderful, I know.  Then I’m your girl!


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